Located in the beautiful Margaret River wine region, The Horse Resort offers a unique trail riding experience with accredited guides and well trained horses in a beautiful part Western Australia.
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The Horse Resort is all about the horses - and helping to add horse power to your holiday!
Our main aim is to have happy, well trained horses from which you can enjoy your special ride around our working farm.  To ensure your and our horses’ comfort, we have invested in good quality, adjustable saddles and tack.

Regular trimming, combined with the use of equine boots, helps to keep the horses comfortable and happy on their feet.  When not working they have the luxury of roaming spacious paddocks and nutritious pasture across 500 acres with their mates.

Our guides bring a solid foundation of horsemanship knowledge and skill to every tour.  Prior to heading out on the ride they will offer you and your family some coaching and helpful advice in the arena with the main emphasis being on our safety procedures and how our tourist horses have been set up for you to manage. The horses meet a lot of tourists and to keep them happy we show you how they expect you to guide and stop them. This gives you individual over your allocated horses so you can ride them at your level of experience.
So whether you are young or old, a beginner or an experienced rider, our rides and activities (liberty displays and demonstrations) can be enjoyed by all the family.
Our rides are available all year round because there is no reason why riding in the rain can't also be part of the adventure!
Let us add horsepower to your holidays – feel free to browse our site for more information or contact us here. Please note: All instruction prior to and during the ride is given in English. In order for our guides to better manage rider safety, all riders are required to have a good understanding of and be conversant in English.